Sun & Snowy Forests

The 18th of December, I went to a forest nearby to pick out a tree for Christmas with my family. This is a tradition a lot of families in my area have, and after everyone have had snowballfights with their sifound their trees, we all eat together, drink cocoa and sing carols. good times :)

 Someone brought their cute dog.


Me with the tiny little tree I found for my room.. I look like such a derp.. oh well. At least the tree is cute :P

People eating yummy bread and yummy strawberry and yummy raspberry jam and drinking yummy hot chocolate. Yup. All of the yum.

I pity the people sitting next to me. I sing like a crow with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Seriously.

So, does anyone else have traditions when it comes to finding Christmastrees?

More pictures from this day and other snowy days can be found here 

And if you're wondering why I have suddenly added another name to my.. well.. name... it's because I made it up myself and I like it. And it starts with the same letter as my real name. And I bet you're now wondering why I don't just cut out the other name.. I like it too much. lawl


Oh, and Tumblr! yey!

(because having only one is simply not enough for me^^)

Do you have tumblr? or other social medias I should know about?

Setting suns, forest walks and books by the sea


I know it's soon Christmas and stuff now but... just a little entry in honour of the two most glorious days of  Autumn  before we give ourselves entirely over to King Winter? can you permit me that? Silence means yes, I suppose.

2. November


and the next day...


The book I was reading - on both occasions - was Spindle's End by Robin McKinley, and it's a retelling of the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty (I prefer the Norwegian title though. Tornerose sounds so much more fairytale-ish to me than two regular english words... ) and so far, I really like it. I haven't been able to read it inside though.. it's just not the same.. but with tea, a fireplace, a cat and snowflakes dancing outside my window... It might just be magical enough..

So, there you are! And now it's snowing so I'll let King Winter come and sweep me off my feet and unto his white horse and we'll gallop through moonlit woods in the cold.. ^^  And let's just say I wouldn't mind it all that much if he looked a bit like this:   though perhaps with white or black hair, when I come to think about it... 

Pakkekalender! :D

Weee!!  Dei siste dagane har vore fulle av iskald luft, rimfrost på bakken, nydelig sol og generelt  heeerlig vinterstemning, noko som hjå meg automatisk lokkar fram julestemninga! :D Only downside er at sola går ned før eg kjem meg heim ifrå skulen og kan gå ut i skogen min å nyta det... :P 

Men som sagt, julestemning!

Og ja... eg er fullt klar over at jula sjeldan er like glansbilde-aktig som bildet over... og at det endå er ei stund til.. men likevel.. :D

Noko anna som verkeleg boosta julestemninga var eit koseleg innlegg av ein av mine favorittbloggarar, nemlig Nilenna :)

Ho skal nemlig ha ein aldeles superkoselig pakkekalender frå 1. desember og fram til jul, der alle som vil kan vera med! :) Snille, snille alven! Og sidan eg har fått pakker i posten av Nilenna før, og veit kor nydelege dei er, så melder eg med sjølvsagt med i trekninga :)

Så då er det berre å kryssa fingrane og håpa på å vera ein av dei heldige ein dag! :)



I've made some muffins! Or perhaps mini-cupcakes.. whichever you prefer... anyway, *yeyy!* and I am blogging about this.. why exactly? No idea. Or maybe I do have an idea... maybe it's my way of saying "I'm sorry for being such an inconsistant blogger, here's some pictures of tasty food that you won't have the chance to taste and that will leave you with an immediate urge to bake.."   Now, if that doesn't make perfect sense, nothing does.

Gee, how kind of me to show these to you.. and now I think I'll go eat.. ^^



Wandering in An Ocean of Mist

First of all and while you're scrolling:

 and again Ola, thank you so incredibly much for sharing them with me! :D

It was a very misty, cold and clammy day in the low-lands, school was depressing as hell, because I couldn't see the trees and the mountains, which, aside from my computer, is what keeps me alive and when I came home I was eager to go climbing some hills.. but on my way I found that once you're out in it, the mist is actually quite beautiful, in its own mysterious and subtle way... the way it wraps itself around things, slowly and silently floats and swirls around everywhere, tricking people's eyes and ears.. and the water that was in the air made the cobwebs look like bands of glittering silver,  ornamenting the naked trees to prepare the forest for the wedding between the Daughter of the Misty Ones and the Prince of the Woodelves...


You should have seen the expression on my face when I came to my hill above the mist and saw this though.. *wonder and excitement all around* :D

Warning!! From this point and onwards I will be spamming you with pictures because I simply can't pick just two or three.. 


Autumn holidays part 2

There there! Calm yourselves! I know I promised.. but.. these things take time and.. *cough*

Righty then! Onwards we go! On thursday, some weeks ago, I took the train from Voss to Bergen on an uncharacteristically perfect and sunny day :) I met my awesome-tastic elvish sisters Narvethael and Ellisiv, and we went on a little shopping-trip to stores that some people might call unusal and then we played japanese tourists and went "sightseeing"...yeah.. fun times! :D

 I think I'll just add lots of pictures in the order I took them and write from that, because I can no longer remember the correct order of events.. so.. heh..


First we went to this fantastic and cheap shop called Søstrene Grene where I bought some paintbrushes and canvases that I, knowing me,  probably won't be using until some time next year... we also bought some Halloween-thingies in a childrens toystore... and.. eh.. got some awkward glances from 5-yearolds (not to mention their parents) ... I think I bought some other stuff somewhere around there as well, but I can't remember.. either way, we proceeded through the sunshine to this awesome fantasy-shop where we drooled a bit over some weapons...

Last time I was there they had Legolas' longbow as well.. but this time it was gone! O.o Which means someone bought it... In my dreams my parents bought it for me for Christmas, but since they don't even know where the shop is located.. and because it was ridiculously expensive.. I rather doubt it.

Speaking of elves though.. I bought a pair of elf-ears! That I can't find anymore! Which is bloody typical! :P I also bought an AWEsome pair of dragon earrings ^^ 

My friends bought these wonderful necklaces:

 Dragon-power! ;D

We went to Bryggen

And Bergenhus festning...

we climbed this tree...

Walked on edges and dangerous places...

we.. uh.. yeah.. I'm not sure what we did here.. O.o

Yo Gangstas! With.. toystore-bags.. heh..

Well there.. that's basically it :) For a Norwegian recollection events and more awesome pictures (a picture where I look toothless and crazy, among others) though, go to my friend Narvethael's blog because she's awesome and blogs a lot more frequently than me, and there's also the fact that dragons will eat you in your next life if you don't, so let's not take any chances here, eh? ^^ 

I'll be making an entry about things and books I've bought lately, because I've been to town so many times and brought home so many things and such details as what was when and where has become a bit mashed up in my mind.. 

So.. eat your breakfasts and be good to your cats and I'll be back with more selfcentered gibberish about my life in not long! ;D


Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials

Yes yes, I know I've promised like 5 entries that I should have been writing now but...

Florence + the Machine's new album Ceremonials has been released on spotify! :D And that is too awesome an event to be passed in silence. So now you all know at least one thing on my Christmas-wishlist... ^^

You should all check it out! Now! :D

Two awesome singles from the new album: 



Autumn holidays part 1

Heh..heh.. I am really, really sorry you guys! I know, this should have been up ages ago... :/

Let's just get on with it then :)


It was a holiday for major findings, some of these were;

When mother found a bag of soup from 2004 (not to mention the sugar from the 90's) in a cupboard in our cottage, when my brother found himself capable of reading an entire book (!), when I found that I actually had no non-fantasy-or-nature-related christmaswishes, and last but not least, when the clouds found themselves capable of keeping up a steady downpour of water, wet snow and that-annoying-thing-that's-like-a-mix-of-the-two-previous-things for days...

Saturday 8. October was a lovely day though. I visited a nice old house that belong/ed to my mother's aunt and uncle:

The painting was made by the man of the house, who sadly passed away a few months ago. His wife is now in an old people's home, and we brought her some furniture and items that she might recognize and that might make her feel more at home :)

After that, I went to a charity shop called Fretex, which is awesome, and where I very nearly bought yet another edition of a certain book that I already have several of... *cough* I'm sure you have no idea which book I'm talking about..

Other than that, I was tempted by a beautiful hat...


This is Voss by the way... though.. not exactly from its most flattering side :P   Either way, the day was lovely, so we went up to our cottage. I'll try not to drag it out, seeing as this entry is already way longer than what is generally accepted...

And this is the view from our cottage :)


We don't have electricity or piped water, but honestly, in these surroundings - who needs electricity and all its silly devices? A few days away from internet, gaming, TV and things like that is just good for me. And as you can see, there's more than enough water ;)  Although it's kind of a bit .. difficult in the winter when we need pickaxes to get through the ice...heh.. details, details..

Right, I'll just but up a feeeew more pictures to praise this heavenly place and then I'll get on with it..


Look! a tiny mushroom on top of the anthill! How cute is that?


The sky that night was absolutely magical, and I sat on the little stone quay for ages and the stars and the moon were reflected in the perfectly still surface of the water, and the air was fresh and crisp and this little part of a poem that I love came to my mind... 

"He stooped and looked in Mirrormere,

And saw a crown of stars appear

Like gems upon a silver thread

Above the shadow of his head..."

 Is this familiar to anyone? :)

My camera unfortunately failed completely in capturing the magic of moment... but this picture from a bit earlier will perhaps help your imagination along a bit... :)

Well then, now that we've established the first day as wonderful, sunny and generally perfect, let's move on to the next couple of days when we usually woke up to this:

Fortunately, that means a lot of this: 

Those days were spent almost entirely in company with my "Rivan Cloak" as I chose to call my old grey blue seamed  woollen blanket. (for those of you that understand that reference - give yourselves a nice little pat on the back^^ the rest of you should read The Belgariad ;D

I've been reading this awesome book:

And done some drawing and things like that... and of course, this is the time for the major discoveries I mentioned earlier. My brother had actually eaten some of the sugar a few weeks ago, with some blueberries...(my mother didn't tell him, but there was a fairly large, disgusting and alive bug in it) and the few lines he read aloud from the book he read was grotesque to the point of sickening (don't judge him though, dad randomly picked it from some shelf at the library for him) and I wrote my long and winded christmas-wishlist containing things like Hermoine's time-turner-necklace, Gandalf's brooche, LotRO expansion packs, books like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, A Gateway to Sindarin and Skogland and loads of similar things^^

Unfortunately however, my parents are of the sort that just can't stay inside for days, so they eventually dragged me out in the rain/slushy snow-ish substance that was falling from the depressively grey sky...

And since I hadn't brought proper clothes and my mother's raincoat turned out to not be.. well, working, we had to find some old stuff in the cottage, and we ended up looking like... well.. my mother's rain-poncho-ish thing sort of looked like something a Gestapo-officer would wear.. And I looked like a fisherman's kid.. good times

Cool gang huh? I'm just glad we didn't meet anyone... xD

We rowed over the water in the pouring rai.. eh.. something, and then up up up up we go (yes, I had a certain Gollum-voice in my head when I wrote that) until we actually found snow!! Covering the ground! Being fine and fluffy and white! yey!! exclamationmarks after every sentence!  It actually came to a point where my brother and I seriously regretted not having brought toboggans (I can honestly say I like the Norwegian word for that WAY better.. toboggan? REALLY? It doesn't sound like it has anything at all to do with snow or fun at all.. :P silly word.. oh well, the word-list is always right.. I guess) anyway, it was real fun with the snow, and very depressing to go back into the lower lands where it rained.. -.- oh, and I didn't bring the camera since it's not waterproof :P

I was on another little expedition in the nasty weather, where I took some pictures with my phone, but I think I'll save it for another entry because this one is getting very long :P

Now, with this gloomy picture, we'll leave the mountains and move on...

I was to stay with my grandparents for a few days and take the train down to Bergen to meet some awesome people, but as it turned out the whole family had to stay a while because our car broke down.. 

My brother and I played Scrabble with grandma, and I picked up my new bicycle (yeyy :D ) 

A word of advice for you all - do not play Scrabble with old people. They know crazy words that you didn't even imagine existed and that went out of use decades ago, and that naturally give them SICK amounts of points... I mean, really.. have any of you fellow Norwegians ever used the words "påk" or "mjå"  in normal, civilsed conversation? No? Gee, I didn't think so...

But seeing as I got away with the word "emodåser" (which isn't really a word at all if anybody wondered) and my brother got "beisefat", we shouldn't really complain x)

 I think this is actually the end for now, so be safe and well and I promise to put up part 2 within the week! 

But then again.. this took me nearly a month... so... I think it's prudent to repeat the warning from before; do not hold your breaths for this! (Unless you're all mermaids with superskills... or whales. I think they can hold their breaths for quite a long time. But they kind of have larger lung-capacity too.. so.. I guess it makes sense. And now I'm getting lost again.. right. End.)

see ya'll ;)


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Ikkje at eg rekne med at så mange e interessert i det, men eg ville liksom berre få da gjort you know.. :P ha orden i sysakene and that..

Last Week

Again.. what can I say? I'm a hopeless procrastinating little midget... tomorrow indeed... Okay, so how about I start with the beginning and move onwards and throught the past week until one day in the possibly quite distant future when the blog meets the present and I manage to actually blog about something the very day it happens (promise to congraulate me when/if that happens will you?) okay and hey ho, to the bottle... eh... the work I go!

Let's start with last last Friday (the third of October that is)... I was on a simply wonderful concert in Grieghallen in Bergen, with the Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes and an Orchestra that I suppose is the Bergen Philarmonica but can't be totally sure, either way, it was wonderful, and when I say wonderful I mean something like the most beautiful concert I have ever attended in this life and probably all the previous ones as well. I mean, will you listen to this beginning?  Had my eyes swimming in seconds...

The piano must be the most beautiful instrument in the world (when it comes to sounds mind you) and as I am sure anyone who knows me have already noticed, I am incredibly emotional, and well... as a result of that, anyone who plays a piano well, is playing on my heartstrings and will, to put it bluntly, own me. So if you ever find yourself wanting or needing to manipulate me - a piano and a certain amount of skill is what you will be needing x)

The piano, and really classical music in general is (to me at least) simply spilling over of such a diversity of emotions, atmospheres, moods and tensions it's a wonder the performers even remember their own names when they're done... I mean, doesn't it just sweep you off your feet and take you far, far away...?

Can't you see the colourful banners of dukes or earls and whatnot waving from towering spires? Can't you see the archers on the battlements, or the castles rising like cliffs from the sea of mighty trees amongst which a young, noble lady on her white steed accompanied by half a dozen of her father's best knights that she has borrowed, in secret, as she rides like the wind to meet her lover in the neigbouring duchy? Can't you see the children playing in the courtyard among the kitchen-maids and cooks hustling and busling back and forth from the kitchen and the dining hall, some with empty platters and mugs that need refilling and some with the most delicious dishes and cakes, puddings and pies any child could ever imagine, and can't you just see the ladies with their breathtaking and exquisite dresses and intricately braidedhairdos as they sigh theatrically and walk about in their neatly trimmed rose-gardens clutching poetic or pathetic (or a mix of both) love-letters given to them by hopeful suitors? Can you see it? Because I can ... :)

If for some reason your imagination should be asleep though, why don't you let me provide you with a few inspirational pictures to get you going?


And this could be your suitor...? :D


Sorry for the somewhat large amount of text, but... Classical music is just... ahh... heaven^^ And heaven can't be described in just a few sentences now can it?

The rest of ... recent events will be documented later, so look out^^

 And just as a sidenote.. I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I found that concert on youtube, because I have now listened through all five parts (something like 9 minutes each) ... *cough*  7 times... heh...^^ 


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